2016 Year 3 IP (Sec 3 Integrated Programme) Chemistry Notes (Set B) (soft copy)


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  • Year 3 Chemistry Topics
    1     Atomic Structure
    1.4 (Extension) Ways of representing electron arrangement
    1.6 Electronic configuration of ions2    Chemical Bonding
    2.1 The three types of chemical bonding
    2.2 The ionic bonding model
    2.3 The Lewis model of covalent bonding
    2.4 Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) theory and molecular shape
    2.5 The metallic bonding model
    2.6 Intermolecular forces of attraction3     Organic Chemistry
    3.1 The distinctive features of carbon
    3.2 Types of reactions in organic synthesis
    3.3 Homologous series
    3.4 The language of organic chemistry
    3.5 Alkanes and fuels
    3.6 Alkenes
    3.7 Alcohols
    3.8 Carboxylic acids and Esters
    3.9 Polymers (Macromolecules)4    Acids, Bases and Salts
    4.1 Defining acids and bases
    4.2 Properties and reactions of acids and bases
    4.3 Concentration vs strength
    4.4 Measuring acidity/basicity
    4.5 Types of oxides
    4.6 Introduction to salts
    4.7 Preparation of salts
    4.8 Qualitative Analysis
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  • Total 197 pages


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