2017 Sec 4 IP (Year 4 Integrated Programme) Chemistry Topical Revision (Full Syllabus) Set A (soft copy)


  • 2017 Year 4 IP Chemistry Topical Revision Package
  • Topic-by-topic classification for effective learning
  • Full Year 4 IP Chemistry topics:
    Atmosphere and Environment
    Mole Concept
    Rate of Reaction
    Nomenclature and Isomerism
    Hydrocarbons as Fuels
    Alkanes and Alkenes
    Alcohols,Carboxylic Acids and Esters
    Periodic Table and Spdf
    Electrolysis and Simple Cells
    Energy Changes
    Reversible reactions
  • MCQ and open ended questions


  • Immediate access after payment
  • Soft copy is downloadable in PDF format
  • Good practices to deepen your knowledge on different concepts
  • To concentrate on and improve in weaker topics
  • Answers included
  • Total 71 pages

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