2015 Year 2 IP (Sec 2 Integrated Programme) Chemistry Notes (Set B) (soft copy)


  • 2015 Year 2 IP Chemistry Notes
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  • Year 2 Chemistry Topics
    Semester 1:
    Atomic Storage and the Periodic Table
    Chemical Bonding

    Semester 2:
    2.1 The Mole Concept and Chemical Calculation
    2.1.1 Definition of One Mole
    2.1.2 Avogadro’s Constant
    2.2 Molar Mass
    2.3 Percentage Composition of Compounds
    2.4 Determination of Chemical Formulae
    2.4.1 Empirical Formula
    2.4.2 Molecular Formula
    2.5 Stoichiometry: The Importance of Writing Balanced Chemical Equation
    2.6 Limiting & Excess Reagents
    2.7 Percentage Purity & Yield
    2.7.1 Percentage Purity
    2.7.2 Percentage Yield
    2.8 Molar Gas Constant/Volume
    2.8.1 Avogadro’s Law
    2.8.2 Volumes of Reacting Gases
    2.9 Concentration of a Solution
    2.9.1 What Makes a Solution?
    2.9.2 What is Concentration?
    2.9.3 Concentrated vs. Diluted vs. Saturated
    2.9.4 Conversion between Concentration Units
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  • Total 67 pages


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