2015 Year 4 IP (Sec 4 Integrated Programme) Physics Notes (Set B) (soft copy)


  • 2015 Year 4 IP Physics Notes
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  • Year 4 Physics Topics:
    1. Energy
    Kinetic Energy
    Potential Energy
    Brownian Motion
    Kinetic Model of Matter
    Closed and Open Systems
    Conservation of Energy
    How is Energy Transferred
    Transfer of Thermal Energy
    Work Done
    Nature of Science
    2. Thermal Properties
    Pressure, Volume & Temperature of Gases
    Internal Energy
    Heat Capacity & Specific Heat Capacity
    Change of Phase
    Latent Heat and Specific Latent Heat
    Heating / Cooling Curve
    Factors affecting Boiling and Melting Point
    Boiling vs Evaporation
    Ideal Gas
    3. Circuits
    Electromotive Force
    Potential Difference
    Basics of D.C. Circuits
    Resistance in D.C. Circuits
    Potential Divider and Current Divider
    4. Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Induction
    Magnetic Field of Current Carrying Wire
    Magnetic Field of a Coil and Solenoid
    Magnetic Force on a Moving Charge
    DC Motor
    Faraday’s Experiments
    Lenz’s Law and Fleming’s Right Hand Rule
    AC Generator
    5. Waves Readings
    General Properties of Waves
    Electromagnetic Spectrum
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  • Total 196 pages

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