Primary 3 & 4 School Chinese Model Composition – GEP and mainstream (soft copy)


  • 小三小四小学中年级学生作文/范文
  • Primary 3 and Primary 4 primary school Chinese compositions written by top school students
  • P4 compositions Inclusive of both GEP and mainstream pupils model essays


  • Compo pictures are not included
  • Align to current school syllabus, as there is no change in syllabus in recent years
  • 看图作文、情境作文
    SET A: 2012 composition
    Total 33 pages and 22 model essays
    Bonus: Additional 2 essays with marker suggestions
    SET B: 2013 composition
    Total 31 pages and 19 model essays
  • Those good phrases find in the compositions may not be used by current P3 & P4 students, so in a way it is an added advantage to your kids, as the good phrases in there may not be commonly used by existing pupils.
  • Help to boost your child confidence in writing Chinese compositions.
  • As the saying goes ‘Practice makes perfect’

The materials are all soft copies. Non refundable. Please do not purchase if you do not agree to the terms and conditions.


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