2016 – 2017 H2 Maths Lecture Notes and Tutorials (JC1 & JC2) (soft copy)


  • 2016 to 2017 H2 Maths Lecture Notes and Tutorial
  • A Level subject code 9758 (new syllabus)
  • 2 years syllabus (2016 J1 & 2017 J2)
  • Suitable for JC1, JC2 and A Level students


  • Topics:
    Assumed Knowledge
    Equations and Inequalities
    Vectors I
    Vectors II
    Vectors III
    Complex numbers
    Arithmetic and Geometric Series
    Summation of Series
    Differentiation techniques
    Application of Differentiation
    Graphing techniques
    Maclaurin’s series
    Curve transformation
    Integrated techniques
    Applications of integration
    Differential equations
    Permutations and combinations
    Discrete random variables
    Binomial Distribution
    Normal Distribution
    Hypothesis testing
    Correlation and regression
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