2016 Year 3 IP (Sec 3 Integrated Programme) Mathematics Topical Revision Package (Set B)(soft copy)


  • 2016 Year 3 IP Maths topical revision package
  • Topic-by-topic classification for effective learning
  • FREE 2014 Y3 IP Maths Topical set
  • FREE 15 pages of Y3 IP Maths revision notes included
  • 2016 Year 3 topical revision topics:
    1. Surds
    2. Coordinate Geometry
    3. Graphical Solutions of Equations
    4. Quadratic Functions
    5. Geometrical Properties of Circles
    6. Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
    7. Binomial Theorem
    8. Statistics
    9. Trigonometry I
    10. Trigonometry II
    11. Circular Measure


  • Immediate access after payment
  • Soft copy is downloadable in PDF format
  • Topic-by-topic classification for effective learning
  • Practice questions by topic feature a full range of the types of questions asked
  • Exposure to challenging questions and stretch yourself
  • To concentrate on and improve in weaker topics
  • Total 154 pages

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